The Spirit Of Cooperation -or- The Ghost Of Administration Past

President Trump was sworn into office on 20 January 2017 as the 45th President of the United States of America.  It’s a job that I would never want.  It is too great a burden and I fear any wrong decision could be disastrous.

But anyway…we do have the delightful Mr. Trump as our President now.  There IS a faction in America who reject the idea of Mr. Trump being their President.  The hash tag “NotMyPresident” is fairly popular right now.  There are many reasons for this.  The repealing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), colloquially known as “Obamacare” seems to be going along nicely for the GOP and many people are very happy about it.  That rubs the “libtards” the wrong way.  After all, who wants people to be without healthcare if they are sick?  Spoiler alert:  Not the rest of the developed world – the US will be the only developed country to not ensure that it’s citizens are insured.  Look here for more information:  Countries With Healthcare.

Another reason is that it seems that Mr. Trump and his band of merry beings love to hate.  Mr. Trump had run his campaign with disdain for immigrants on the top of his hit list.  Women didn’t seem to be far behind.  His now “infamous” statement of how he grabs women by the genitalia can be easily heard by conducting a basic search on YouTube or Google.  It didn’t hurt his chance to become President of the US.  It did, in fact, seem to help get him elected.  That seems to ruffle some liberal, feminist feathers, too.  

The knowledge that #NotMyPresident even exists is an incredible source of angst for some people.  There have been a considerable amount of people accusing the “liberals” of being “crybabies” who just need to get over themselves and “accept” the election results.  

What those lovely people don’t understand is that it’s not just about Mr. Trump being President of the US of A.  No.  It’s a far greater issue.  It’s actually a lot of issues all rolled up into one, enormous, deal-breaking so to speak, problematic log of issues.  The only glitch in the whole situation is the short term memory loss/long term memory anomaly of the Trump Enthusiasts and Apologists.

“You need to get over it.”  Well, no, actually.  I don’t need to “get over” anything.  Nor does anyone else have to “get over” anything.  Just like they didn’t have to get over one damn thing about “NotTheir” President Obama. Am I right?  Yeah, I’m right.

The past 8 years have been a fun filled amusement ride dipped in psycho theories that have proved to be wholly untrue.  And “libtards” need to get over  that too.  To use Mr. Trump’s phrase, “WRONG!“.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?  Don’t worry.  There will be fun for one and all!

Remember when:  President Obama came to take away your guns?  Well the joke is on you because there was no army of obedient Obama minions kicking down your door and blowing up your guns safe to get at your gun.  Nor did your home get torn to shreds by the government looking in your super special hiding places.  Your tin hats still fit on your mostly intact brain.  You are free to roam about the country.

Remember when:  Obama set up his Death Camps 4 Christians?  I like to use the number 4 here because it reminds me of some musical acts and that amuses me.  I digress.  My apologies.  But no.  You do not remember your time spent in a FEMA camp because you were never in one of the imaginary camps.  No one came looking for the Christians.  No one put you in chains, or handcuffs, or zip ties.  No one took away your child’s Jesus Teddy Bears.  Not one person was burned at the steak.  You are free to go and worship at the church of your choice. Or not because that’s how we Constitutionally roll in America.

Remember when “Obamacare” set up Death Panels?  Of course your Fox News adled brain may  think that you remember that, but do you really?  You don’t because there honest and truly were not any Death Panels.  There were Death Eaters in several films, but no Death Panels, sorry.  And the “Obamacare Execution Code” was not, in fact, from Obamacare.  It is an internationally established code (International Classification of Diseases or “ICD” codes). that has been in existence since 1979.  It is used by numerous countries, including Middle Eastern, which is why the word “execution” is included in it’s text.  Before you get all up in arms, I will simply ask you when the last time you got all feely about a lethal injection in the US of A was.  America exacts justice.  Other countries also have laws. 

Remember when President Obama loved his mother?  Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.  Perhaps you don’t care if the 44th President of the United States of America loved his mother or not.  Perhaps the only thing that mattered to you was that his name was scary!  That Hussein just has to be Muslim!  And we all know that we hate Muslims, especially since 911.  Every single one of them hates America.  If “Obummer” has a Muslim sounding name, then, by God, he must be Muslim!  He must hate America!  Not on your watch, cupcake.  You simply can’t have a President, even though he is half Irish, with no Muslim sounding name.  Just ain’t ‘Murican.

Remember when being a Muslim was illegal in America and disqualified one from being President?  No, you don’t.  The Constitution guarantees the Freedom to practice religion to a Muslim, just like a Christian.  Being a Muslim doesn’t disqualify anyone from being President of the USA.  However, it does not shield one from hatred, bigotry, or prejudice.  That should soothe you back into your fist pumping jocular celebration for President Trump.  As you were.

Remember when President Obama was a Muslim?  Remember when you swallowed the dubious pablum being spoon fed to you by “news” sources who went through the courts to defend their right to not be required to include facts in their “news”?  Remember when you liked the taste of lies, hatred, xenophobia, misogyny, and ultimately self loathing?  Remember when you thought the solution was giving the keys to America to people who could not care less about you and your loved ones – laugh out loud.

Remember when you rushed to social media to wonder out loud how you could bring peace, unity, and acceptance to the country under President Obama?  And you worked diligently to make it happen, didn’t you?  Calling your Representatives, asking for cooperation, asking for tolerance and opportunities for the Administration to prove itself?  Anyone?

So, yes, my fellow Americans, your pleas are bullshit.  Hypocritical bullshit wrapped up in the lie that is the false narrative that you are now putting forward that you did everything you could and should have done to work with Obama and your fellow Americans.  Bullshit sprayed with air freshener and rolled in sparkly glitter is still bullshit.  Your hands are filthy from rolling it around in craft supplies and trying to make it look like freedom so that you can wash your hands of your attitude and actions of the last 8 years.  It is still utter bullshit.  

Do NOT try to hand that shit over to me.  I will not take it.  I have no obligation to take it.  Nor will I try to convince my like minded Americans to grab onto it.  You hold on to that piece of bullshit that you picked up years ago that you think you’ve molded into something completely different.  When you can’t drink it, or eat it, or use it to pay your bills, hold onto it a bit tighter.  Try to squeeze a little empathy out of it if you can.  

But whatever you do, remember this:  it’s yours.  You wanted it.  You own it.


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